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Dental Solutions - A Leader in CEREC One-Visit Restorations


Leadership & Experience

Dental Solutions has been a pioneer and continues to be a leader in advanced one-visit restorations in CT, including crowns, partial restorations and bridges. Dental Solutions is the #1 one-visit crowns restoration practice in Hartford County and CT. Dr. Sobanski  continue to provide exceptional one-visit restorations to the Greater Hartford and Tri-State area. 

Best In Class

Because Dental Solutions has been using CEREC One Visit Restorations Advanced Technology the longest in all of CT, the practice delivers the best crowns in Connecticut and are Top Rated in Tri-State area for its best-in-class advanced crown and bridge work. Dr. Sobanski have won numerous awards for their CEREC restorations and have been nationally recognized for their achievements, results and outstanding contribution in the field of CEREC One-Visit Restoration dentistry. 

The Advantages of in-office CEREC Lab Technology

The CEREC One Visit Crown & Bridge technology allows Dental Solutions to custom make crowns, bridges and partial restorations for each individual patient with 3-D technology, and on screen displays of the final restoration and its aesthetics in the mouth. Additionally, with the ability to custom make partial crowns, Dr. Sobanski practice conservative dentistry and minimally invasive dentistry by saving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, and only reconstructing the area of the tooth which is damaged and needs to be restored. 

Quality & Warranty

Dental Solutions is known as the top rated CEREC dentist in CT not just based on its exceptional dentistry and comfort and convenience of One-Visit Restorations, but because of their confidence in their work and commitment to their patients. An exceptional benefit that Dental Solutions provides is a warranty for all ceramic crown and bridge work. Call our office today for more details about our one of a kind ceramic no-fault warranty program on restorations.


Due to our in house CEREC Lab Technology, our patients who come from the Tri-State area often complete more dentistry in 1 day  at Dental Solutions than other dental practices who depend on outside dental labs to complete their restorations, requiring additional fittings and multiple trips. No patient is too far away for Dental Solutions! For a full consultation at the #1 CEREC Dental Practice in CT, call our office today.  


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